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Italiaanse eten in Amsterdam

In the heart of the Jordaan district


Elandsgracht 64 -  Amsterdam

With family or friends


Just think of the annual family gathering when granddads, grannies, children and grandchildren want to enjoy each others’ company and of course good food and drink. And after all where can you better go to eat with your family than a real Italian restaurant? For Italians it is all about families and sharing the tastiest dishes you can think of.

In the Palladio Italian restaurant we have a big table in the middle of the restaurant - a perfect table for the whole family to enjoy themselves and while you swop all the wonderful stories and anecdotes with the rest of the family , we keep your glass topped up with a lovely Italian wine and in the background you can hear our cooks in the kitchen busily preparing the most delicious antipasta, wonderful pastas, and tasty meat and fish dishes. Now isn’t that the way to enjoy yourself?

With your firm and colleagues


Sometimes, as business you have something to celebrate, or you want to thank a colleague for all the efforts he or she has made on behalf of the firm. Perhaps a colleague has a new job and is leaving after years with the company, or there is jubilee and of course that demands a toast!

What you need then is a warm and hospitable place with good attentive service – and that is something you can leave to the Italians. Dining out in a good Italian restaurant is a perfect choice. In the Palladio Italian restaurant we pour good champagne and to emphasise the festive character we make delicious Italian Sgroppino. That is a splendid Italian drink made from prosecco, lemon ice and vodka. By beating these together you get a festive white drink, so if you hear the sound of beating, then you know the sgroppino is coming!

Palladio chef5
Palladio groepen1
Palladio groepen3
Questions or


Of course, we want to do our best to please your family, group of friends or colleagues, and we can imagine that you will want to make the meal perfect. Perhaps you have special requests or requirements , if so then contact us beforehand so that we can make sure that your meal here is a fantastic evening. In any case make sure you reserve in time – we will be happy to welcome you!