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Italiaans restaurant in de Jordaan van Amsterdam



For you to enjoy!


The traditional Italian meal consists of antipasta , a first course (i primi piatti), a second course (i secondi piatti) usually meat or fish and finally a desert (dolci), but of course you can just choose some antipasta , a plate of delicious pasta and a good glass of wine – heavenly!

The Italian cuisine has been traditionally fairly local, but today you find that many chefs look to other Italian towns. The Palladio Italian restaurant has its roots in southern Italy – in Bari to be precise.

Below you will see the menu of Italian dishes that is changed regularly. In addition to this menu, in the restaurant you can also make your choice of dishes from our day menu, including our delicious daily specials.

Italiaans gerecht in Italiaans restaurant in Amsterdam
Palladio seafood4
Groenten in de Italiaanse keuken in Amsterdam
Lekkere salade als hoofdgerecht in de Italiaanse keuken
Mooie olijfolie in de Italiaanse keuken - uit eten in Amsterdam
Italiaanse kaas is lekker bij allerlei Italiaanse gerechten
Menu verse Italliaanse pasta in restaurant


in all kind of shapes

"Every day we make our pasta ourselves"

Verse pasta met een kleur- Italiaans restaurant Palladio


with colour

"For colored pasta, use purple beetroot leaf"

Palladio pasta

on your plate

"Varieties with shape, color and taste do miracles"

Uit eten in Amsterdam centrum
Italiaans uit eten in Amsterdam
Italiaanse nagerechten, lekker vers bij restaurant Palladio
Italiaans nagerecht - Restaurant Palladio in Amsterdam
Italiaans nagerecht - Restaurant Palladio